Sangre Grande-based Hill Toppers Steelpan Academy was established in 2017.

Geared towards helping youths excel and grow within their musical realm, while ensuring the principles and values necessary for having a healthy and successful life are met, the organisation has placed growth of heritage, creativity, innovation and musical excellence at its core.

Over the past three years, Hill Toppers has been engaging students in an exceptional year-round music programme.

The ultimate aim is to encourage student musicians to explore paths that are unconventional, while accepting the challenge to expand themselves to conceptualise ideas that reflect autonomy, passion and elevated consciousness.

In this regard, the leadership engineered a platform called the Steelpan ‘An Institute of Mentorship” ensuring the musical instrument flourishes as the core of our Academy’s programme.

The Academy recently entered new territory. Though it may not be completely unchartered in the 21st century, its leadership believes that there are phenomenal and rapid evolutions to be realised.

So far, its year-round programme has allowed trainees to access knowledge, skills, techniques and tools that form an amalgamation vital to propel the steelpan sector.