The Hadco Group has renewed its sponsorship of the seven-time National Panorama champion Phase 11 Groove Steel Orchestra.

John Hadad, chief executive officer at Hadco made the announcement.

Almost three years ago, he said, “we committed to this partnership and we will continue to do so especially in these very hard times. These are trying times for all of us, but in spite of that we think, that collaboration is more important than ever. We affirm that Hadco will continue to sponsor Phase 11.”

At a function held at Hadco’s San Juan office to unveil the official rebranding of Hadco Phase 11 Pan Groove, Hadad reflected on the company role in society over the past two-and-a-half decades.

During that time the company has positioned itself as a corporate social responsibility champion aligning its brand to projects, that included Breast Cancer Awareness, education and the arts, with special emphasis on the nation’s youth.

“The collaboration between Hadco and Phase 11 is a significant part of that. Phase 11 and pan represent a large part of what is very important and what is endemic to T&T. The panyard itself represents something that is very important. It provides an important avenue for the expression of people’s feelings,” Hadad said