Single Pan preliminary judging in the National Panorama Competition 2020 will commence with the eight bands in the Northern Region on Monday November 04, 2019. The exercise begins at 7 pm with Music Makers, Straker Village, Picton Road, Laventille. The other seven bands will face the adjudication panel on the following day, Tuesday November 5, at the same time.

A total of 43 contestants will vie for thirty (30) places in the Semi Finals round in Arima Velodrome on Sunday November17, 2019. Starting time is 4 pm. The National Finals will take place at the Grand Stand, Queen’s Park Savannah, on Saturday November 23, from 4 pm.  Twenty bands will vie for the  title.

Thursday November 07, is the designated start for the judging of the Eastern based bands. Seventeen bands from San Juan to Sangre Grande will face the judges over a three-day period ending on Saturday 09 November 2019.

South/Central Region bands will have their turn on Sunday November 10 and Monday November 11, 2019. A total of eight bands will go through their paces.

The preliminaries come to a close with three bands in Tobago on Tuesday November 12 at 8 pm. The competing bands are Royal Pan Illusion, Natural Mystic and Metro Stars.

The bands will play in the following order:


Monday November 04, 2019 at 7:00 pm

  1. Music Makers 19 Straker Village, Picton Road, laLAventille
  2. Spree Simon Harmonics Picton & EMR, Laventille
  3. Uni Stars Old St. Joseph Rd. Bertie Marshall Blvd. Success Village, Laventille

4.D’Untouchables Pan Groove            205 Pioneer Drive, Sea lots

  1. Sea Lots One Love 21A Beetham Highway, Sea Lots
  2. T&T Fire Service Fire Service HQ, Wrightson Rod.

7.Police Service  Old Central Police Station, Wrightson Road.

8. Woodbrook Playboyz Steel Orch. 6 Blackman Drive, W/Brook (Lions Civic Centre)

Tuesday November 05 2019 at 7pm

9. Newtown Playboys Steel Symphony Tragerate Road, Newtown, W/brook

10.D’Original Woodbrook Modernaires Cor. French & Tragerate Road, W/brook

11.Brimblers Cor. Warren & Gallus Sts. W/brook

12. Scrunter’s pan Groove Jeffers Lane, St. James

13.Nuttin Big Pan Groove 1 Roots Lane, Petit Valley

14.Ice Water Pan Ensemble 1 Bagatelle Rod, Diego Martin

15. La Creole Pan Groove La Puerta Avenue, Diego Martin

Single Pan bands are permitted to perform with 25 to 35 players. For the purpose of the competition, each participating Single Pan band may select and perform any calypso/soca or chutney providing that the selection has not been played by the said steelband at a previous Panorama competition with a performance. Allotted playing time is six minutes.

This year’s preliminary round will take place at the competing bands’ pan yards/communities