“Steelpan is my world. I’ve been holding sticks since I was born. I’ve been gigging and performing over 25 years. I teach in several different schools: primary, secondary and colleges. I have my own band. The Dallaway Steelband. As a soloist, I have performed and toured all over the world, from: Europe, Africa, USA, the Caribbean, UK. I’ve been around. “I really want to be able to push pan in a way that it’s seen to be able to play any and every genre, because a lot of people don’t really understand how diverse pan really is, in terms of what it can do and what it can play. It’s also for me a spiritual thing. It’s also a very therapeutic thing and I’m just trying to push that love to the world.” ~ Dougie “Swizz” Dallaway, Leader, Dallaway Steelband/Educator