Order Band Selection Arranger
1 Stardust Party Time Simeon Superville
2. Nostrand Symphony Fiery Curtis Edwards
3. Shades in Steel Golo Dante Pantin
4. Gonzales Sheikers Fantastic Friday Keisha Codrungton
5. Metro Stars Um Ba Ya Oh Cary Codrington
6. Platinum Johnny Brandon “Shoes” Johnson
7. La Famille United Fiery Arddin Herbert
8. San Juan All Stars Mystery Band Remnaldo De Peiza
9. Pan Elites No No We Ent Going Home Sheldon Peters
10. All Aces Symphony Bounce Chuma Watson
11. New Age Trendsetters Poison N Joseph/Myles Phillips
12. La Creole Pan Groove Say Say Jamal Gibbs
13. Pan Angels So Long Ricardo Dennis
14 Chord Masters Jump And Wave Kyshon Faith
15. Marsicans Johnny Marlon White
16. San Juan East Side Symphony Guitar Pan Carlan Harewood
17. Pan Stereonetts Love in the Cemetery Akil Brown
18. Nu Pioneers Pan Groove Unknown Band Shaun Marcano
19. Brazil RX4 Party Time Anselm Campbell
20. World Wide Music (Dingolay) Noel “Mico” Skair
21. Arima All Stars All Dem Tobago Gyal Mikhail M.A.X. Neils
22. T&T Prison Services Big Belly Man Terrence Sealey
23 T&T Fire Service Pan In A Minor Terrence “BJ” Marcelle
24. Royal Palm Illusion This Melody Sweet Tony ‘Pan Jumbie’ Williams
25. Uni Stars Such Meh Soucouyant Kareem Brown
26. Trinidad Nostalgic Tribute To Spree Simon Amrit Samaroo
27. Brimblers Me Ent Fighting For No Man Aaron Clarke
28. Woodbrook Playboyz Fiery Michelle Huggins-Watts
29. T&T Police Service Mystery Band Kern Sumerville
30 Pan Jammers Ah Want It Robert Tobitt
31. Edinburgh 500 Steel Ensemble Madness Andre Boldan