Cabinet has approved the lease of a parcel of state land for use by champion conventional steel orchestra Supernovas to erect and establish its home.

Agriculture Minister Senator Clarence Rambharat, shared the good news with band leader Amrit Samaroo in the form of a letter of approval from the Dr Keith Rowley-led administration for use of 15,000 square feet of land in Lopinot last night.

The joyous presentation was made ahead of the band’s performance at the steelpan music segment of the Arima Borough Corporation’s 131st Anniversary.

First Citizens Supernovas Steel Orchestra

Since its formation a decade ago, Supernovas Steel Orchestra has been housed at the Surrey Village Community Centre in Surrey Village, Lopinot from where its exceptional contribution to the world of music has not gone unnoticed.

The site of Supernovas’ proposed new home is adjacent to the new Surrey Village Community Centre.

Cherri-Ann Critchlow Cockburn, Member of Parliament for Lopinot/Bon Air West and Culture Minister Dr Nyan Gadsby-Dolly worked with Rambharat in the preparation the file and ultimately building a case before the remaining members of Cabinet.

A gratified Samaroo lauded the efforts of Rambharat. He said, “This is but the first, albeit very important step in us finally having a permanent home for Supernovas. The band had been housed by the Surrey Village Council at their community centre, but now they have a vision for the site which is currently in development. It will not only accommodate the band but also be a centre in dedication to Dr Jit Samaroo.”

Pan Trinbago president Beverley Ramsey-Moore and Anthony Walker, chairman of the Eastern Region of Pan Trinbago were present to witness the presentation.