Trinidad and Tobago musicians have won every category in the Republic Bank Steelpan Girl Power Diamonds Competition – the world’s first all-female steelpan contest.

The global finale of the showcase produced by Steelpan Authority Woman and Steelpan Authority Music was held on February 10, on and and featured contestants in four categories: soloist, duet, trio and quartet.

Keisha Codrington cleared the path for team T&T’s winning ways with her memorable performance in the soloist class. Her scintillating rendition of Andy Narrel’s We Kinda Music, saw the young virtuoso win favour with the panel of expert music adjudicators to amass a total of 290 points. In the process, she beat out six rivals to clinch the honour as the top female steelpan musician in the world.

Codrington’s winning performance earned her an 18-point lead over her closest rival Siobhan Mitchell from the United Kingdom. Mitchell’s performance of Stevie Wonder’s My Cherie Amour earned 272 points. The third spot went to Tyeesha Alexander (from T&T) for her adaptation of On Green Dolphin Street scoring 254 points.

The presentation of prizes is scheduled for April 2, 2021.

Steelpan Girl Power Diamonds premiered in December 2020 and also attracted contestants from Antigua and Barbuda, United States, Canada and the U.S Virgin Islands, all of whom flew their flags proudly before a panel of expert music adjudicators which comprised Alexis Hope, Iman Pascall, Derriane Dyett and Charlton Alphonso.

It is no secret how the on-going pandemic has hurt the entertainment sector globally. Therefore, Steelpan Authority Woman and Steelpan Authority Music responded with a pandemic relief project, where performers earn and the listener and or viewer is entertained.

Performances were streamed on, and its YouTube channel.

Throughout the steelpans fraternity’s musical history, men have primarily been in the forefront, despite there being female musicians of equal stature. This showcase aimed to address the issue of equity and equality on the steelpan landscape, while giving superb female pannists the spotlight that they deserve.



Place/Name                                                                                     Score                                   Country

1 Keisha Codrington                                                                           290                                       T&T

2 Siobhan Mitchell                                                                               272                                       United Kingdom

3 Tyeesha Alexander                                                                          254                                        T&T

4 Jenny Gilberg                                                                                   250                                        United Kingdom

5 Trenyce Sweeney                                                                             247                                         Canada

6 Rhia Toppin                                                                                       213                                          T&T

6 Jolene Durrant                                                                                   213                                         United Kingdom


Place/Name                                                                                    Score                            Country

1 Keisha Codrington/Kizzi Codrington                                             280                                  T&T

2 Bryan Martin/Jonelle Hodge                                                          221                                   (US Virgin Islands)

3  D’Avion Durrant/Jolene Durrant                                                   220                                   United Kingdom

4 Miriyam Wilson/Fatima Wilson                                                      219                                     Canada


Place/Name                                                                                      Score                           Country

1 Tyeesha Alexander /Opal Murrell,                                                   271                                (T&T)

Keisha Codrington

2 Jolene Durrant/Carlene Etienne.                                                     247                                 United Kingdom

Siobhan Mitchell


Place/Name                                                                                     Score                                Country

1 Tyeesha Alexander/Opal Murrel                                                        275                                 T&T                                    Keisha Codrington/Megan-Leigh Langton Attang

2 Takeya Henry/Nafatarie Isaac                                                           249                                   Antigua/Barbuda                          Kaitlyn King/Rachael Henry

3 Isoke Noel/Kimberli St.Clair                                                               246                                  T&T                                  Richelle Seenath/Anaika Portel

4 Sannie Henry/Jhalana Frederick                                                        243                                   Antigua and Barbuda

Kiania Simon/Camara Henry