World Exclusive: Pan Trinbago plans 2014 international Panorama

World Exclusive: Pan Trinbago plans 2014 international Panorama

Posted on January 10, 2013 by Sean Nero in News
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Keith Diaz, president, Pan Trinbago: SEAN NERO/STEELPANAUTHORITY.COM

Steelbands from around the globe eligible to compete

SEAN NERO, Editor-in-Chief

The National Panorama Competition will no longer be an event exclusive to T&T steelbands come 2014 as Pan Trinbago takes the contest global says it president Keith Diaz.

In a interview yesterday Diaz declared the steelband body’s intent to take the competition international after its 50-year run as a totally local pan music affair.

“If we don’t do it now, somebody will do it and then we would look stupid. We doing it now–2014 is the world Panorama.

“…And America has a world basketball series? And they have people from Canada taking part? Because (it) is a world series! Maybe we might not have it every year. It might by biennially or something.

“We have to budget for 2014 now. So we are throwing it out now–what we (are) doing in 2014. It will come as the talk of the town. The world will want to come to the mecca (of pan) and see who is boss. People will come from all over the world not just for Carnival. They will be coming for Panorama,” he said.

Diaz said the move towards a world Panorama contest should boast tourist arrival for short stay visitors and help to keep hotels and house occupancy high.

He would not say what the likely budget for this version of the Panorama might be, but he said the March 15, 2013 would be the new registration date for next year’s proposed international contest.

While likely competitors would not be required to state the category in which they would enter, missing the deadline will mean they will not be eligible to compete.

“We (Pan Trinbago) have to come in line with the Government requirements. We have to prepare a budget for the March 31, 2013 for next year. We have to change, to come in compliance with the regulations, so when we put in that we have 98 bands for Panorama, we have 98 bands. We can’t comeback after we submit a budget to the Ministry of Finance and tell them we have 15 more bands to come. We cannot do those things again like long time. We have to think carefully now and come with a plan to do it better. All these things are what the new chairman of the NCC (Allison Demas) is talking about,” said Diaz.